• A loss in Northumberland

    Last Thursday was a day that nobody could even fathom would come to Northumberland.  For me I got up on Thursday morning thinking that the storm ha...
  • A force for good.

    At Troody Scrumptious we believe in looking after not only the planet but each other and we believe this sets us apart from other homeware retailer...
  • Kind Currency & Troody Scrumptious

    I wanted a way to reassure you my customers that in my world Be Kind is more than just saying the words in my world. 
  • A quiet month we need your help.

    In the last 18 months as a business we have had a journey that we never would have thought from watching a TikTok Video.
  • An Eventful Time

    Wow what an eventful couple of months we have had! Sook space was an incredible time, 
  • Upcoming Events!

    Hello you Troody Scrumptious people! 

    Wow what a month March is already!

  • Welcome to Troody Scrumptious

    I love anything home décor and can get lost in home décor shops for ages, but when I'm picking things up and feeling them in shops I just started to think there has been no love or care put into these mass produced items and I felt that, that was something that was missing in the home décor world.