Kind Currency & Troody Scrumptious

Last year our Jesmonite business went from strength to strength and we met tons of new people all as supportive as the next. I am not a wholly great socialiser, I'm the kind of person that when I get there I will be fine but the getting to the event or the networking fills me with dread. Luckily I have a great friend in Racheal from Mayfli (the new online marketplace for small businesses made by small businesses), and she knows what i'm like.  She took me along to a networking event she had organised with the most amazing lady Michelle from Kind Currency. I had heard of Kind Currency but wasn't 100% on what it was, So going to the event was a brilliant way for me to go head first into what I now know as a fabulous community. 

As every small business knows the October to December months are mammoth however in the run down to Christmas with a Maker like myself the last 2 weeks before Christmas are quieting down because most close their books to avoid postage issues ( and boy was last Christmas fun with those strikes). In this time if I don't have a market ( and sometimes at a market when there is a quiet spell or in between customers) I like to fill this time with the stuff I haven't been able to do during the October to December months. 

This time I filled it with ways to certify myself as Kind. Kind not only to the planet but to the world around me. Being bullied severely as a child has made me more knowledgeable about how important it is to be kind to others and that phrase has been battered of the last few years and many seem to forget the importance of those words. So I wanted a way to reassure you my customers that in my world Be Kind is more than just saying the words in my world. By joining the Kind Currency I know that it is striving for a better world for all. 

They say it best themselves. "Kind Currency is an opportunity to change how we live, consume and do business, changing and shaping lives, creating and sustaining a future that is kind." This statement matched up so well with how we wanted our business to be right from the start. Inclusive but not exclusive. We want to show the world that we can live better and make better choices by just being kind & making kind choices. To us as a brand being part of the Kind Currency isn't just sticking a label on us and looking amazing, it's about being part of something amazing and creating a future that is more than the Be Kind statement. 

So in December 2022 it was official we had joined the kindest community of them all the Kind Currency. We want to keep the world a kind place for generations to come.