Welcome to Troody Scrumptious


Welcome to Troody Scrumptious! If you have found this blog then you have found me and my website ! I am Sarah, I live in Northumberland with my husband Rob who is just pretty amazing and as you get to know me more you will find out why. We also have a pet Rabbit called Roger who we rescued, he has his moments but that fluffy little face every morning gives us a reason to smile. 

So why did I dabble into the world of Jesmonite ? Well it started in 2021 with that rabbit hole I believe we all ended up in during the lockdowns and that was a very well known video sharing app. Now I am a very crafty person, making cards and all sorts, I'm the type of person that looks at a toilet roll inner tube and thinks what can I do with that? I am that person that watched art attack and had everything and raided my mums kitchen foil and sewing box to find whatever else random, I was going to need for a blue peter project to make something that mum would say that's lovely sweetheart and then ask what is it? THANKFULLY for my mum my skills improved, so crafting is part of who I am and my general makeup. 

So why Jesmonite? Well after seeing videos of it online, I then started looking into it and saw the eco friendliness of the material and the versatility of it. which low and behold resulted in me buying a starter kit. Which of course Rob had to get in on the action as well and we quickly found this was a crafty thing we could do together. I had seen other resin type materials and with Rob being an engineer he wasn't happy about me using some other resins because of the health risks involved, but when we found out that Jesmonite was none toxic as well as environmentally friendly and all of its other properties it seemed like the perfect fit and it is ! 

I love anything home décor and can get lost in home décor shops for ages, but when I was picking things up and feeling them in shops I just started to think there has been no love or care put into these mass produced items and I felt that, that was something that was missing in the home décor world. I also worried about the mass production and was I contributing to the problem with the environment? By not buying local and maybe paying a bit more for something that I am going to love and cherish rather than something that will just end up landfill. So thought how many other people are thinking the way I am ? 

So with that and a bit of pumpkin magic ( more on that later) Troody Scrumptious was born. 

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Lots of Love