How To Care for your Jesmonite

When you buy homeware from us we want you to get the best enjoyment from your products, and for them to last you as long as possible. In order to do this we have put together some care instructions for all our products. These are all on our product labels but we know that when you need that bit of paper it becomes illusive. 

Coasters, Trinket Trays, Ring Holders, Fridge Magnets, Alphabet Letters.

The above mentioned products are made from Jesmonite AC100, which is a porous material so we have coated them in an acrylic sealer to make them splash resistant. As with all sealers this could deteriorate over time and may need replacing. If you feel you want your products resealed then please CONTACT US  using the form provided. These products are heat resistant but are not dishwasher proof or microwave proof. Our fridge magnets contain small parts so not intended for use of children under the age of 15. 

Bathroom Trays, Tealight Holders, Soap Dishes, Plant Pots

These products are made from Jesmonite AC730 that has water resistant properties as well as having fire resistant properties. With the exception of tealight holders, we have added a penetrating sealer to all these products to make sure you get long lasting enjoyment from these products. Again these products are not dishwasher proof or microwave proof. If you would like the sealer re done on any of our products please use the CONTACT US form. 


We only recommend using a damp cloth to clean all of our products. 

Lighter coloured products may stain quicker than darker products.