A loss in Northumberland

Last Thursday was a day that nobody could even fathom would come to Northumberland.  For me I got up on Thursday morning thinking that the storm had managed to miss us and it hadn't been as bad as expected. I got myself ready and went to catch the bus into Morpeth, deciding to wear a thicker coat because it is Autumn now but still quite warm so not needing my big coat. It turned out a dry day, as it so happened a neighbour was going the way I was going so gave me a lift and I walked the rest of the way into Morpeth to a networking meeting. I popped into M&S got myself a drink and waited for the restaurant to open up so I could go into the meeting. I enjoy this meeting because I have the best of friends there. I was first to arrive so sat outside and was doing some work on my phone. This is when the world dropped out from beneath the hearts of everyone in Northumberland a buzz started to happen. The words, I had to read 3 or 4 times because it was just unbelievable someone had taken the Heart of Northumberland and chopped it down. Sycamore Gap was gone. The sycamore tree that grew for us and was part of us had been coldly taken.

This tree wasn't just a tree, it was part of the bigger Northumbrian family. This tree breathed life into whoever visited it, so much so that it became world famous sitting proud like a true Northumbrian along the historic Hadrian's wall. It stood fast in a pretty exposed area and survived against the odds. 

The cutting down of Sycamore Gap symbolised more to me than being the heart of Northumberland it reminded me how much we need to protect the nature we have. The outcry from all corners of the globe solidified in me that we need to nurture what we have and to keep the planet safe and turning. It gave me more drive to make sure the business I have is friendly to the area I live in and to grow in a nurturing way protecting what we have. 

Sycamore gap didn't just bring together a community it brought together the world. This is why we need to protect our trees, because they do more than just clean the air they bring us together in times of need. 

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