Our Sustainable Jesmonite Journey

At Troody Scrumptious, we don't just throw the words around sustainability around like they don't matter. They really do matter! Having a sustainable business was what was intended when we started back in 2021 it was at the forefront of our minds, start out right and we won't find it as hard to change later down the line. 

With all sustainability it is a journey and will forever be changing as we learn more on how to become more sustainable. That said here are some of the ways we are already watching our impact on the planet. 

  • Jesmonite is considered a sustainable material as it can be reused over and over again. It is a 2 part mix, that of a mineral base (gypsum) and a water based acrylic. It has so many sustainable properties you can read about here.
  • If needed to travel to meetings we use public transport or an environmentally friendly mode of transport. If we can do zoom meetings we will. 
  • our computer is set up to use an eco friendly search engine called Ecosia which is B-Corp certified and plants trees when you search. 
  • We don't send unnecessary emails and limit what we send out to our subscribers (we don't like being bombarded with marketing either)
  • When you buy from us we donate 0.24p from each sale to Ecologi so they can plant trees on our behalf you can see our forest here
  • We use Shopify platform to provide our website. You can see what they do for the climate here
  • We have Shop Pay enabled which automatically removes carbon from the air with every order placed when you shop with shop pay. You can also track your order through the app sign up to Shop Pay to make a greener purchase.
  • When making local deliveries we use a mild hybrid car when deliveries are not within walking distance and you can also collect from us if you are passing. Because we run our business from our home this is upon request only. We use the same vehicle when going to Markets aswell as car sharing. 
  • We try where possible to use a local supplier who we collect from. However our local supplier only provides us with one type of Jesmonite and our other type is provided by a UK company. 
  • We also try to use second hand moulds where possible.
  • We offer a return & remix service if your item is broken or it no longer matches your décor then we will take it back from you and you can order a new product for a reduced price* and we will reuse the piece in another item.