A force for good.

At Troody Scrumptious we believe in looking after not only the planet but each other and we believe this sets us apart from other homeware retailers. 

Back in December of 2022 we joined the Kind currency to take a step beyond the normal retail lines, to join a force for good and to solidify ourselves as a business that cares. 

Since we started we have always had a way of giving back to the environment by having the option to plant a tree with your order but in July 2023 we integrated with Ecologi to have this done automatically so it is now included in the price of your order. We also use shop pay on our website which automatically removes carbon from the air when you order using the link on the website or via the app. 

In august 2023 after changing the tree planting donation we wondered what else we could do to help others. During January & July Sarah took part in the Walk For Endo with Endometriosis UK. This is a charity close to the families heart as Sarah herself is a sufferer of the condition. After raising £190 in July Sarah wanted to carry on raising awareness and we have changed the optional donation to raising money for Endometriosis UK. 

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 people assigned female at birth and it takes an average of 8 years to be diagnosed. Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue similar to that of the lining of the uterus grows in other areas of the body and can can lead to infertility. To find out more about symptoms of endometriosis and the work they do you can do this here