When did the land need to be filled?

Do you find on social media reels you come across the weirdest videos, that strike a cord?

Today was one of those days for me, I came across dumpster diving and you can tell from the title for those that don't use social media that it is exactly that. People going into industrial bins from major corporations in America & the UK. these could be craft shops, toy shops, clothes shops, even the luxury underwear shops. If there is one good thing that comes from people putting their safety at risk by going to these "dumpsters" is that the people take the items that are useable or that just need new batteries and donate them to schools and people that need. However the thought comes to is it necessary to generate so much waste when there are so many people across the globe in poverty that aren't able to buy gifts for their families at Christmas and birthdays because food and heating come first. 

What's worse is that the perfectly usable stuff like cushions and clothing including underwear gets cut or slashed to stop the dumpster divers, when the big corporate stores could have donated it instead of it going to landfill. Which also begs the question when did the land need to be filled? 

Today I saw a bin full of usable craft supplies that a lady emptied into her pickup truck and took it to a local school. Why couldn't the company organise that? I also saw a perfectly usable scooter, Bras, Knickers and Boxer shorts, socks, trainers, baby clothes and seasonal home decor as well as everyday home decor, also bags that could have been donated as school bags. 

When are the big corporates going to stop treating the land around us like a dumpster? When will they learn that there is more to being green than a bamboo face cloth or a paper bag? I would like to say it would be in my life time but im not going to hold my breath. 

When you shop independent, the waste isn't half as much, a small independent business saves every last thing and if its seasonal stock they reduce it and if it doesn't all sell they hold it back for the next year because most seasonal things happen again the next year!! An independent business will think about the things that are happening in the year and not make or overload on stock that might not sell. They would rather run out and not waste anything. This is why I won't be making stock items to celebrate the Kings Coronation and I do things made to order.  Independent businesses are a greener way to shop all round. 

What can you do to be greener when you shop? 

  • Shop UK business whether this is online or on the high street the carbon footprint saved is massive. 
  • Ask companies about what they do with damaged stock. 
  • Research greenwashing and how to avoid being greenwashed. 
  • Shop in charity shops and second hand shops this is a great way of saving money aswell as the planet. 

What do you do to be more green when you shop?

reply to this and let me know.